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Simple and Quick web pages to build your online Visibility and to grow your Community

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About Jo

I started my web design and development journey in 2000. Since then technology has come a long way. Today, creating your online presence needs less coding and tech knowledge - thanks to the easy to use tools and systems. It's a learning curve for every platform in Web Design and Marketing.

You are here because,

  • You have tried DIY website creation and you are stuck.
  • You have wasted enough time trying to figure it all out on your own.
  • You are frustrated and ready to give up and wish you had support and help of a web designer to create a website that reflects your core brand essence.
  • You are tight on budget and your timeline.

No worries. I have your back!

You will have a beautiful site and save yourself $$$.

so take a deep breath.....

I'm here to help you get Visible Online.

With over 6 years of tech skills,experience,marketing education and learning new platforms with a few trials and errors, I have created a simple to follow strategy for Women Entrepreneurs to market their services through mini sites and landing pages.

I understand not everyone has a budget for those High-end website packages and not many entrepreneurs need to have fancy high budget websites.

However you need online visibility to

  • Showcase your services and products,
  • Convey your Brand mission and Brand purpose
  • Connect with your tribe through your message, graphics or videos.

Let's get started!

Contact me to Book a Consultation

If you are DIY kind of entrepreneur, ask me about my Done With You program.

With my Done with You approach, I'll guide you step by step to design a mini site and landing pages.

You will be adding a skill that you can be proud of and save a lot of time going ahead.

Let's build a Beautiful Simple Mini Site for your business with Strategic placement for Opt-ins to build your list. You will use the same knowledge and material to build your Sales pages and Webinar Landing pages. You don't have to be Tech- Savvy to build your site. I will show you step by step process and guide you through a well planned strategy to integrate sales funnel system with your landing pages.


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